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Did everything just taste purple for a second?

Paulie Unsaturated
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My name is Paul, and I'm a guy. I make up the rest as I go along.

Some of the contents of this journal are locked to keep the crazies at bay. Give me a heads up if you'd like to be added.

Kinetic Artificial Replicant Manufactured for Accurate Killing, Adept Nullification and Immediate Calculation

Nell is love

80s, 80s movies, aeon flux, anime, apple, arcades, art, assassin beetles, astronomy, australia, australopithicus afarensis, babylon 5, beastie boys, björk, buffy the vampire slayer, california, capcom, castlevania, chinese aphrodisiac cooking, chinese food, clubbing, coffee, coldplay, comic books, comics, computers, cooking, cool people, cottage cheese, cute boys, cute girls, dance dance revolution, dancing, david sedaris, ddr, depeche mode, drawing, entertaining televangelists, evangelion, family guy, fight club, final fantasy, firefly, flirting, food, friends, fun, geeks, gizmo the mogwai, golden girls, greek mythology, hiking, hoodoo gris gris, horror, horror movies, huglaghalghalghal, interpol, ipod, japan, japanese, japanese food, jerk city, john waters, kids in the hall, kissing, konami, kurt vonnegut, languages, magic, margaret cho, megaman, morrissey, mountains, movies, mt. biking, muse, music, naked creampie fights, philosophy, photography, pizza, poetry, portishead, postal service, pr0n, procrastinating, ps2, psychology, r.e.m., radiohead, reading, resident evil, rpgs, röyksopp, san francisco, santa cruz, sarcasm, scary movies, sci-fi, sealab 2021, seattle, sessy wubbins, sifl and olly, sleep, sleeping in, smart people, smashing pumpkins, south africa, space channel 5, spamusement, squaresoft, star trek, star wars, summer, sunny day real estate, survival horror, sushi, swimming, taco bell, the cure, the ocean, the swedish bikini team, the unspeakable vice of the greeks, they might be giants, tim burton, tolkien, toys, transphasic multidimensional head, travel, traveling, u2, underwater basket weaving, useless trivia, video game music, video games, weezer, winter, writing, x-men, xbox, xenogears, your mom, zelda, zombies